Business on the Books and Pickup

Business on the Books

This report provides insights into the reservations recorded by the hotel. The first table displays the data for the selected key performance indicators. You can choose the key performance indicators in the column section. The information presented is a blend of historical and future data, where dates marked with a star* indicate the past, while the remaining dates represent the future. The second table showcases the pickup, which includes reservations and cancellations made within the last 24 hours. To view reservations and cancellations made over a longer time frame, you can select the desired dates using the "date from .. to ..." option.

In the default configuration, the report displays the next four months. However, you can adjust the timeframe by changing the number of months in the "show" option. Additionally, you have the option to show all data per segment by enabling the segment button. Furthermore, you can choose to display information per month by activating the "switching period totals only" option. All reports can be exported to Excel by clicking on the export button. In the exported Excel file, each month has its own tab, and the data is formatted appropriately for use in formulas.

Pickup Today

In this report, you will find the same information as in the Business on the Books report, but with a focus on the pickup. Specifically, it provides an overview of reservations and cancellations made within the past 24 hours. If you wish to view reservations and cancellations made over a longer period, you can specify the desired date range using the "date from .. to ..." selection.

Pickup Alert

This report provides an overview of the key performance indicators. The second table displays the number of reservations/cancellations made in the last 24 hours, and in the subsequent table, these are categorized by segments. To view reservations/cancellations made over a longer period, select the desired dates using the "date from .. to ..." option.

The bottom table presents a summary of days where the number of reservations/cancellations exceeds the specified threshold in the previous 24 hours (or another date range). By clicking on a specific date, you will be redirected to the Rate Calendar to modify the pricing. Additionally, this report can be sent to users via email every night.

Pickup Trends

The Pickup Trends report provides information on Pickup divided by month. The key performance indicators are segmented based on different time periods. In the top left corner, you can enter a start date and choose the columns you wish to view. To export the report to Excel, simply click the green export button.