How to set a maximum rate?

Set maximum prices in RevControl per room type via Settings - Rates - Maximum rates to maintain optimal price-quality ratio and prevent negative guest reviews.

In addition to minimum prices, RevControl allows you to set maximum prices, both for the base type and for each individual room type.

By default, the Maximum rates setting is disabled to encourage hoteliers and holiday park managers to optimize their rates. Often, they may hesitate to charge more than a certain amount for a room or accommodation, potentially keeping the maximum price below its true value.

One compelling reason to set a maximum rate is that guests may perceive the price-quality ratio unfavorably above a certain price point, leading to negative reviews. The threshold at which guests become dissatisfied is often higher than expected. We encourage you to discover this threshold before setting maximum prices. Contact us to activate this feature per room type.

Once activated, you can enter and manage maximum prices under Settings - Rates - Maximum rates. After adjustments, the modified cells will be highlighted in yellow, which you can then save using the “Confirm all changes” button at the bottom left of the screen. Use the options “Copy down” and “Copy to end” to quickly duplicate rows.