I see negative numbers in my Pickup Alert report, how can this be?

The Pickup Alert report shows the difference in room nights and revenue between yesterday midnight and today midnight. It reflects total changes due to bookings and cancellations, and may include non-room revenue like from meeting rooms.

The Pickup Alert report, akin to the Business on the Books report, compares room nights and revenue from yesterday midnight to today midnight. It reflects total changes over the period, not individual reservations. Cancellations and new bookings impact the figures.

Additionally, revenue adjustments unrelated to daily bookings, such as from meeting rooms, can affect the results.

For Pickup ADR or Pickup ABR, we divide the change in room revenue (Room Rev or Bed Rev) by the change in room nights (RN or BN). This calculation may differ from the average price of bookings made that day due to manual corrections or changes in booking values.