This report presents the forecast for the upcoming months.

In the grey bar under "show," you can select a longer or shorter period of time. Additionally, at "columns," you can choose the key performance indicators that will be visualized.

The first table displays the Business on the Books (BOB) and key performance indicators for the next four months. The second table shows the actuals from the previous year, while the third table presents the BOB from the previous year at the same time.

The fourth table represents the automatic forecast, which is calculated by the system. It compares the BOB of the current year with the BOB and actuals of the previous year. If this year's BOB is lower than last year's, the automatic forecast will be adjusted accordingly. Conversely, if this year's BOB is higher, the forecast will reflect that. The fifth table displays the manual forecast, allowing Revenue Managers to override the automatic calculations. In this case, the occupancy-based recommended rate will be based on the manually adjusted forecast rather than the automatic one.

Forecast Trend

This chart visualizes the data from the forecast report on a daily basis. You can select a specific day using the "date arrival" option, and choose the desired visualized period using "show." Each line represents a different table from the forecast report. By clicking on the names of the lines, you can hide or display them.