Monthly Report, Lead Time and Room Type Availability

Monthly Report

This report provides an overview of the hotel's performance during a specific period of time. The report is divided into 6 parts. 

1. The first part consists of the Actuals, which display the performance based on key performance indicators for the given period and compare them to the budget and actuals of the previous year. 

2. The second report is the Occupancy/Rate By Arrival Date, which shows the occupancy and published rate and compares them to the published rates of competitors. 

3. The third report presents the published BAR rates and their daily trends. 

4. The fourth report is the Pickup By Month During Month, which presents the reservations/cancellations per month for the next 12 months. 

5. The fifth report is the Pickup During Month By Day, which compares the Business on the Books at the beginning of the month with the actual values at the end of the month. Additionally, it compares the pickup and revenue in the books. 

6. The final section is the Revenue Managers Comments, where managers can leave notes for themselves or colleagues. 

Lead Time Overview

This report shows the lead time per date, with the ability to select the date of arrival. The lead time can be displayed in both numerical values and percentages. 

Room Type Availability

This report displays the availability of room types for a specific period of time. The period can be set from ... to .... An exclamation mark in front of a room type indicates that the room is sold out.