StayNTouch - Synchronize reservations between PMS and RevControl

RevControl and StayNTouch have a real time integration, which synchronised all reservations.

From within StayNTouch, you can start a manual synchronisation of reservations. This is done during the initial set up of RevControl, but can also be used to do a re-sync. This might come in handy when either StayNTouch or RevControl have experience some downtime.

In StayNTouch, go to Settings > Integrations > Revenue Management System > RevControl. There you will find a "Synchronize Data" section. Select a date range and check all checkboxes and click "Sync" to start the synchronization.

For the initial setup, it is required to first synchronize all historical data. Once completed, all future data should be synced. This should be done in batches of 1 month, and StayNTouch limits the date range to prevent performance issues.