Cloudbeds - Installing the RevControl App

Installing the RevControl app via the App Store

Please check this article on how to connect our app to Cloudbeds

Not a client of RevControl yet? Please contact

What are the next steps?

Once you have completed these steps, the RevControl onboarding team will finish the setup and will contact you once this process has been completed.

Product video


Tutorial videos can be found here


Manuals on how to use RevControl can be found here 


For support you may contact our Customer Success department via or by using the in-app chat.


Please view the frequently asked questions here

Specific functionality of the integration:

  • RevControl will gather anonymized reservation and inventory data from Cloudbeds
  • RevControl will update (base) rates and optionally MinLOS back to Cloudbeds. For this RevControl will retrieve a list of rates from Cloudbeds.
  • RevControl supports Cloudbeds Group Accounts

How to disconnect the app?

  • Contract us via to cancel your subscription
  • Please check Disconnect app on how to disconnect on Cloudbeds side