How can I independently adjust rates for different room types?

In RevControl, you can adjust rates for room types independently. Contact the Customer Success team to set this up.

What is possible?

In the standard setup of RevControl, one base room type is used from which all other types are derived. This can be done with a fixed price difference or a percentage. However, in some cases, it might be better to let the room types move independently. This way, you can compare your own double room with the competitor’s double room and your triple room with a triple room from the competitor.

Note: When you manage all types independently, there is a risk that there are too few comparable competitors for certain types to base an advised price on.

Additionally, you would then enter the minimum prices and the forecasted occupancy supplements for both room types separately. If you use Bookzo, Booking Experts, IDPMS, ASSD, or Mews as PMS, we can also calculate the forecast per room type separately.

Note: The fewer rooms/units in one cluster, the less accurate the forecast becomes.

A hybrid form is also possible, where you do not link all room types or manage all room types independently but cluster certain types. For example, you can have one base double room type to which you also link the triple and quadruple rooms, and one base six-person room type to which you link the eight- and ten-person rooms.

How do I adjust this?

To adjust the relationships between room types, you can contact our Customer Success team. We need to set this up for you as it is prone to errors. Please provide us with details on which types can be linked and which types should stand alone.