RevControl offers you the possibility to enter your budget/goals in the system, so you can keep track of your current performance compared to your targets.

To enter a budget into RevControl, navigate to Settings - Business Rules - Budget.

Per calendar month, you can enter a budget for the amount of rooms/beds/accommodations/tents/units sold ("RN") and the average room rate ("ADR"). RevControl will then calculate the total room revenue ("Rev"). Please note that this should be entered per segment.

F&B revenue and Other revenue can be budgeted on "house level", so not per segment.

RevControl will calculate what the budget per day is, by dividing the monthly budget by the number of days in the month. If you prefer to set a daily budget instead of monthly, please contact our Customer Success team.


On your dashboard, you can find your Budget widget which shows you in a very visual way if you're reaching your budget.

Budget widget