RevControl’s Rate Recommendation

RevControl combines occupancy-based and competitor-based rate recommendations. The default is the occupancy-based rate, but if it deviates, the system switches to the competitor-based rate.

RevControl’s rate recommendation consists of two components: the “occupancy based rate recommendation” and the “competitor based rate recommendation.”

The occupancy-based recommendation is your own pricing strategy. This includes the minimum daily rate plus occupancy supplements. The “competitor based rate recommendation” is based on the hotel’s position within the competitor index. Various criteria are used to position the hotel in this index. Refer to the competitor index manual for more information.

Initially, RevControl always suggests using the “occupancy based rate recommendation.” However, if this recommendation is not market-compliant, RevControl switches to the “competitor based rate recommendation.” The default settings determine that this switch occurs when the “occupancy based rate recommendation” is five euros higher or ten euros lower than the “competitor based rate recommendation.” These default settings can be adjusted with the help of RevControl’s Customer Success team.

The “combined recommended rate” is the rate that RevControl ultimately advises. This rate is determined after considering both the occupancy-based and competitor-based recommendations. The information button per day in the Rate Calendar shows which considerations the system makes between these two types of prices. The “combined recommended rate” is sent to the property management system or channel manager when auto publish is enabled.

In the example below, the “Occupancy based recommended rate” is market-compliant (close to the “Competitor based recommended rate”):

Rate recommendation OCC

In the example below, the “Occupancy based recommended rate” is too high compared to the market; RevControl advises lowering it to prevent the pickup from stalling:

Rate recommendation COMP