How do I adjust price differences between room types?

Adjust price differences between room types in RevControl via the Rates Calendar for one-time adjustments or in Settings - Mapping - Room type supplements for permanent changes.

By default, RevControl sets one base room type for pricing recommendations, while other room types derive from it with a fixed amount or percentage difference. Sometimes, you may need to adjust these amounts temporarily or permanently.

Adjusting price difference temporarily:

For one-time changes, navigate to Rates - Calendar - Rates from the main menu. Click on the desired room type and then on the “Published rate” (last published price) to adjust the price difference. Use “Confirm all changes” to save. The “Save & lock” option is unnecessary here, as the new difference is applied automatically.

Adjusting price difference permanently:

For permanent changes, go to Settings - Mapping - Room type supplements. Select the room type, adjust the supplement, and save changes.

Note: Prices with new supplements are only automatically updated when the base room type price changes. Use “Save & resend unchanged” in the calendar to send future prices with the new supplement.