Events can be created to highlight anticipated high demand. This may be due to school holidays, public holidays, or events like concerts, exhibitions or sport matches. In this article, you will learn how events can be added to RevControl.

When you create an event, it will appear in the dashboard, the business on the books report, the rate calendar, etc. It is recommended to enter events from one year ago, at least one year ahead. In this way the comparison can be made.

First enter the name of the event. A start and end date must then be entered. In addition, the importance must be linked to the event. The importance has no influence on RevControl's rate recommendations. The importance does influence the color of the event; green is low, orange is medium and red is high. Furthermore, a supplement and minimum length of stay may be allocated to the event. The supplement can be added to the occupancy-based rate, competitor-based rate or both rate types. Finally, in the multi-property version of RevControl you can select the hotel for which the event applies.

Add event