How do I sync all rates to my pms or channel manager?

Discover how to manually resend all rates in RevControl. Send visible rate changes, including unchanged rates, for a one-time manual synchronization with your PMS or channel manager.

Sometimes it’s necessary to resend all rates (including unchanged ones) to the PMS or channel manager. This might be needed after setting a “final correction” in settings or adjusting room type supplements.

In the Rate calendar, beside the “Confirm all changes” button, you’ll find a small arrow. Click on it and choose “Save & resend unchanged” from the menu that appears.

Selecting this option will resend all rates, including unchanged ones. Note: this applies only to the visible period (default is 1 month). Avoid sending rates for longer than a month to prevent issues with the integration, as not all PMS systems or channel managers handle large updates well. Rates are sent for the visible room type and any subtypes included.

Note: Usually, “Save & resend unchanged” is not necessary; a regular “Confirm all changes” suffices. In such cases, “Confirm all changes” is preferable as it imposes less strain on the integration.