In this article, we will explain which AutoPublish settings are available in RevControl, and how to activate the AutoPublish.

What is AutoPublish?

During the period the Auto Publish is valid, it will automatically send changed recommended rates to your PMS or channel manager for the selected arrival dates.

A published rate will change according the set business rules and competitor index when new data is received from the PMS and/or the competitor rates for the arrival date have changed. This can happen multiple times during the day.

Activating Auto Publish will cause rates to be published to online booking channels without prior check. When activating Auto Publish you must assure yourself the business rules and competitor index are correctly filled out for the period(s) concerned. When using Auto Publish you remain responsible for the published rates yourself.

How can I use AutoPublish?

You can use Auto Publish for:

  • A specific start and end date on which RevControl sends the prizes. Please note: this concerns the day on which the prize is sent, not the arrival day for which a prize is sent. It is possible to enter a start date here, but leave the end date blank.
  • A specific start and end date for which RevControl sends the prices. Please note: this concerns the arrival day for which the prize is sent, not the day on which a prize is sent. If you enter a start date here, the end date is also required.
  • A number of days in the future, starting at X days in the future up to Y days (where Y is a maximum of 365). You then do not have to enter a run start or run end date (see above, first point). For example, if you specify 60 (start) and 120 (end), AutoPublish automatically sends the revised suggested retail prices for 60 days in the future to 120 days in the future.
  • A combination of several, or even all of the above is possible.

How do I configure AutoPublish?

This brings us to the three options use RevControl's AutoPublish functionality:

  1. The first option is completely manual. The revenue manager should manually adjust all prices and forward them to the PMS or channel manager. Additionally, the manager can use the "Use Rate Recommendations" button to manually pass on RevControl's price recommendations.
  2. The second way RevControl can be used is fully automatic. In this case, the system will automatically update and forward prices up to four times per hour for the next 365 days. You can set the system to automatic by adjusting the Auto Publish Rules from 0 to 365.
    AutoPublish automatic
  3. The third way to use RevControl is hybrid. In this case, rates for the most dynamic period, such as the next 6 days, are manually set, and the system takes over this task from day 7. This can be set in the rules for the Auto Publish rule by defining the rules for automatic publication from arrival day 7 to 365.
    AutoPublish hybrid