Group Recommendation (Expert subscription only)

The Group Recommendation tool is a valuable resource for determining appropriate rates for groups based on your available group pricing structure.

Before using this tool, it is necessary to provide certain key information. The minimum group rates and group discounts are used to calculate the recommended rates for groups.

Firstly, you need to input the minimum daily rates for groups. This can be done for each segment on a per-weekday per-month basis. By setting these minimum group rates, RevControl ensures that rates suggested will never fall below the specified minimum.

Minimum group rates


The next step is to enter the group discounts. This is where you establish your group strategy. You have the option to add various discounts (or markups) to the different combinations of additional revenue, number of rooms and length of stay. The different levels (revenue, rooms and LOS) can be configured as you wish, per segment, by our Customer Successs team.

When entering discounts, you can use both percentages and numerical values. To indicate a discount on the recommended rate provided by RevControl, be sure to include a minus sign (-) before the percentage or number. It's important to note that the recommended rate will never be lower than the minimum group rate. Additionally, markups can also be entered as percentages or numerical values.

Please note that per default you can only enter percentages. Our Customer Success team can switch this to fixed values.

Group discounts


Now you are ready to use the Group Recommendation tool! The Group Recommendation tab (which you can find under Rates - Group recommendation) enables you to calculate the appropriate room rate for groups, based on your own group pricing strategy. It uses various data points, such as the number of rooms, additional F&B revenue, banqueting revenue, and other potential revenue to determine the room rate based on the availability of your hotel. To calculate the recommended rate for groups, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter the group name, arrival and departure dates, and the anticipated revenue that the group will generate for your hotel. You can also select the corresponding business segment from your PMS. Click the "Get Rate" button to proceed to the next step.

Group recommendation

Step 2: In this window, you will determine if the group can be accommodated based on the available rooms for the specified date. If the group recommendation is displayed as green and "OK", it indicates that there are sufficient rooms available. However, if a red and "NOT OK" warning is shown, it means that there are not enough rooms to accommodate the group. A "NOT OK" notification is also possible if a MinLOS setting makes it impossible to stay the chosen amount of nights, or is the group revenue is below the displacement value (the forecasted revenue if you choose to decline the group). Additionally, the recommended group rate will be displayed. This recommendation is calculated using the group pricing strategy defined in the first two steps. It takes into account the anticipated revenue, minimum daily rate, group discounts, and additional revenue income.

Outcome group recommendation

The breakdown per day provides information on scheduled events for the selected date, current business on the books, forecasted room nights, and the current published rate. This data can be reviewed to understand how the recommended price is calculated.

The group recommendation logs allow you to access past group recommendations. You can specify the date and user to refine your search and retrieve relevant information from previous recommendations. The logs can be found via More - Group logs.

Group logs